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This wasn’t an angry crowd, this was a greedy crowd.

9 Aug

Obligatory riot post incoming! If you are English then it would have been very hard for you to miss the rioting in our city-centres over the last few days. Five nights of looting and mindless violence. It all started when a young man by the name of Mark Duggan was shot by police, and a peaceful protest was started outside the police station. This peaceful protest culminated in the destruction of parts of London that some media sources have compared to the Blitz. But these riots didn’t stay in London, oh no, they spread to Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol as well. They came dangerously close to home for me as Cheshunt and Enfield became hotbeds of unrest as well. Over the last couple of days, my evenings have been filled with the frantic shrill of police, ambulance and fire engine sirens hurtling passed my house. I have yet to visit Cheshunt, and I’m too scared yet to head into Enfield. This is complete and utter madness.

I’ve been watching/listening to coverage while I work, and more and more stories are coming to light about acts of mindless vandilism, but also acts of bravery. Uncharacteristically, the Daily Mail published a story involving the heroics of some of our foreign residents: “The relative calm in Dalston was laid at the door of ‘heroic mobs’ of Turkish men standing guard in the high street, one resident said. In the busy shopping street of Green Street, in Forest Hill, there were reports that 400 young Asian men had chased off up to 150 rioters.” This made my heart swell with pride for humanity. Against this backdrop of chaos and violence, there are still people taking a stand to protect their homes. When I read the last part, my brain started conjuring up images of Jackie Chan laying some smack-down. Not PC? I don’t care. It’s brilliant imagery.

So what are the excuses? Disaffected youths. Poverty. Unemployment. Boredom. Is this disease of violence the result of our society? I can’t help but recall Norman Tebbit’s immortal words, “He didn’t riot. He got on his bike and looked for work.” When did this attitude to life disappear? Why are these children (because that’s what they are, really) in school? Why do they see rioting as an acceptable means to lash out for any cause? Personally, I don’t think there is any excuse for these people. Disaffected? Angry? So what. I’m their age, more or less, but am I rioting? No. I worked hard. I’m at University. I’m setting up my future.  I listened to one piece of coverage where reporters were questioning two female rioters drinking from a bottle of Rosé at 9am this morning. They said they were ‘punishing the rich’, showing the police they could ‘do whatever they wanted’, and that this was all the government’s fault. When the reporter asked why they were burning down their own communities, and the small businesses around them, again… they said they were ‘punishing the rich’. Rich?! These people have worked hard to build their businesses off the ground. Worked. Something those two little brats have probably never done in their life. That small corner shop? I bet he barely makes ends meet. I bet he drives a second hand car on its last legs. I bet he works hard to feed his family. And what have you done? Stolen his hard-earned goods, and then set fire to his home.

Many complaints have been made about the lack of response to police. I have to disagree. If the sirens constantly buzzing passed my house are anything to go by, then the police are obviously doing everything they can at short notice. There aren’t many of them. They’re overstretched, underpaid and restrained by political correctness and health and safety. If I were Cameron now, I would have Parliament declare a state of emergency, allow the use of water guns, tear gas and rubber bullets, and have the Army roll out a show of force. Tonight I would make sure no yob, or ‘disaffected youth’, would be left under any illusion that they could ‘do whatever they wanted’. Yet again it has been demonstrated that our police are too restricted in what they can and can’t do. It’s time to loosen the leash. It’s time for political correctness to take a step back and let the police police us. These people, who are destroying our community, they do not deserve a soft touch. At the moment the law is protecting them by restraining the police. They deserve an ass kicking. And I can only hope they get one.