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Clean Up on Isle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

11 Aug

And so the clean up begins! A very strong police presence on the streets of London prevented a fifth night of rioting. It looks like the idiocy is coming to an end! The latest figures are quite impressive – the BBC quoted 1300 in one of their visual reports for the Midlands, and over 800 for London alone. It’s hard to say whether these people will actually serve time. Personally, I would rather see them do community service than jail time. The jails are more like three star hotels these days. My opinion is that I’d rather be paying to have people watch them do things for the community, like helping to rebuild the shops they’ve destroyed, litter-picking, roadworks, decorating, than pay to have them fed three square meals a day without having to work in a cushty prison cell. The prisons were full after the fourth night of chaos, so the most logical thing would be to get these people in bright orange jump suits and give them a broom. I can think of quite a few members of the community who would volunteer to supervise this. I certainly would! I’m not the only one either, as is evident by this email;

Stacey in Canterbury emails: “I agree [with Claire from London], part of the punishment for people charged should be to learn what impact their actions had on their community. Make them rebuild local shops, clean up their streets and rebuild the homes of those they destroyed. Perhaps then they will feel remorse for what damage they have caused to this society.

Cameron finally allowed the use of water cannons and rubber bullets, as well as giving the police the power to force people to remove head-coverings if they’re acting suspiciously. I like this. I think this should stay for good. They were hiding their faces – even attacked a cameraman who was filming their vandalism – so, by removing their anonymity, I believe that it may prevent them from doing anything like this again. They’re cowards. All of them. And it also makes them less scary to the public. My nan finds nothing scarier than a chav in one of those dodgy caps with their hood pulled up, but take that same chav and pull their hood down, maybe take their cap off, and a lot of the fear is removed. These aren’t dangerous gangsters; these are naughty children who deserve a violent caning across the backside, and their PS3 taking away.

But what of the clean up operation? Cameron described the “broom army” which helped clean up streets in Clapham, South London, and elsewhere as “the best of British”. They are. These people give me hope in humanity again; it was refreshing to be lambasted with images of strangers helping each other clean up Sainsbury’s, and local shops, who in turn supplied tea and muffins a-plenty, rather than greedy youths still televisions. It is unfortunate that the international community will not take these images as an example of what the British community is really like as a whole. Instead, when preparing to visit for 2012, they will be haunted by the spectre of the masked, hooded vandal smashing up shops; too ignorant and uneducated to even know who was in power at the time, rioting through greed and getting their kicks out of needlessly smashing through windows and setting cars alight. It sucks.

According to the news, court proceedings have been running through the night like a conveyer belt system. Someone as young as eleven has already been charged. That’s no older than my littlest cousin, for God’s sake! There’s got to be something seriously wrong with the parents when an eleven year old is out smashing through shop windows rather than playing with dolls or watching Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Bah! I have to admit though, there is something strangely satisfying about watching people have their front door smashed in, and then observing them being hauled out by the armpits, followed closely behind by, not drugs, but bags of tagged up clothes from JD Sports and a 50″ LCD TV.

Well, I hope that frozen pizza and Xbox were worth it, muppets; justice is a-coming!

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