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A Chinchilla Dust Bath

14 Jul

The dust bath is an integral part of chinchilla care. It keeps their coats plush and, more importantly, they go mad for it! We often give our five chinchillas a dust bath just before we clean them out to a) minimise mess for us and b) leave them with a nice, clean cage afterwards. Ted, Giz And Zeb take it in turns jumping into their blue bowl, scratching and rolling in the sand.

Teddy, Gizmo and Zebady Have A Dust Bath


Chinchilla Love

1 Jul

In this day and age, everyone is an amateur photographer thanks to free apps that can be accessed on iOs and Android. I love my chinchillas, so naturally… I had a go at being all instagram and scene. From top to bottom: Teddy, Gizmo and Zebedy. A father and two sons.